Ricide can transform your organisation in 4 months, by upgrading the IT skills or other key skills of your staff.

This dramatic skills improvement will boost productivity, encourage staff loyalty, improve customer service levels and show a startling rise in business efficiency.

Ricide are an approved Apprenticeships Provider in the skills area of IT. We provide employers with a complete Training Needs Analysis and IT Skills Development Service which includes the accreditation of learning and the award of qualifications.

This is normally available FREE OF CHARGE


Ricide are able to offer a wide range of skills development programmes, both in the UK and overseas. All UK programmes are available throughout the EU, and most are available on an international basis.

IT skills have become an essential feature of modern life and people lacking these skills will become marginalised. In addition to introductory ICT courses, Ricide now offer professional advancement programmes in a growing range of ICT disciplines and offshoots.

Ricide also deliver training in other areas.


Ricide administer Training Centres where Learners can study and develop IT skills. The ambiance is warm and informal which encourages Learners to engage with colleagues to mutual advantage.

Courses run during the day and evening. All courses lead to prestigious City & Guilds awards which are recognised by employers throughout the UK and EU.

Ricide have extensive experience in delivery training via classroom based tuition. Training Centres have provided learning opportunities in several UK locations including the West Midlands, Staffordshire, Hampshire, East Sussex and Wales.

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