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Ricide Ltd was incorporated in 1994, and commenced operations as an ICT training provider and consultancy company. Since that time we have worked in partnership with a number of Further Education Colleges in addition to being directly funded by the Skills Funding Agency. In the early years, Ricide administered some 8 Training Centres in the UK. Over time, our focus has moved more towards workplace training in response to trends in UK government funding initiatives.

ICT training and assessment covers a range of skills levels. The baseline award is Start I.T from City & Guilds. We also provide Level 2 & 3 mainstream ITQ/NVQ training. Advanced training at Level 4 is also avail bale in either specialised units or as a full award.

The ITQ series of awards are aimed at IT users and not professional IT staff such as computer programmers. The ITQ standard was developed by employers for use in the workplace and is supported by the major UK awarding bodies. All ITQs delivered by Ricide Ltd are accredited by City & Guilds and Edexcel/Pearson.

As stated, the ITQ has been designed to provide qualifications for IT users and not specialist IT staff, based on a demonstration of competence in the workplace rather than in an academic environment.

The content of an ITQ is flexible in order to ensure that training and skills development meet the needs of both the organisation and the Learner. This means that an employer can assist each Learner to choose a selection of ITQ modules which will help him/her to improve his productivity by developing existing or new IT skills.

The range of ITQ modules is wide and covers most IT topics. Popular Office Productivity Software such as Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases, Desk Top Publishing and Presentation Graphics are included, together with the Internet / Email and Website Design. However, there is additional flexibility in that Learners can can be trained in bespoke software such as Ledgers, Payroll, Stock Control, Sales Management etc.

Our range of ICT offerings now includes the Digital Economy and Cyber Security. Digital Economy responds to the need for firms to change their methods of doing business in order to incorporate the latest internet technology.

We offer skills development and bespoke courses on the following topics -
Dynamic Website Design and Administration.
On line Order Processing and Payment Systems.
Use of ICT as a strategic resource.
Communications Technology.
Digitized Creative Content
Network Security.
Hacking threat Assessment.
Wireless Security Issues
Malware Investigation and Eradication
Forensic Investigation.

Ricide also provide ICT Consultancy to a number of organisations. This activity was started by the CEO who provided Database Architecture consultancy to several intelligence organisations and has spread to include a broad range of internet and security issues.





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