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We will initially be offering an Introduction to the Internet Course, although other courses will come on stream later in 2008/9.

Introduction to the Internet
This is a nationally recognised City and Guilds course, and Learners will receive a prestigious City & Guilds award upon successful completion of the course.

Course Content
Understanding the basics of the Internet and its use.
Connecting to the Internet.
Locate Information using Search Engines.
Use Internet E-Mail
Appreciate Internet Security Issues

Course Duration and Attendance
The course will last for 30 hours, and will be taught in 12 x 2.5 hour sessions over a period of 6 weeks. Learners can attend on two mornings a week from 10 - 12.30 or in the afternoon from 1.00 - 3.30. Evening classes may run from 5.30 - 8.00 pm.

Teaching Methods
Learners will be taught in groups and the Tutor will provide classroom style tuition and guidance. Learners will have use of a Laptop and become familiar with the Windows Operating System and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Internet Email will be based on Hotmail Accounts.

All Learners will have a personal copy of the Ricide Training Manual which covers the course in detail and complements the lessons given by the Tutor.

Learners should note that all decisions concerning ILA Wales awards are made by the Welsh Assembly Government and not by ourselves. While we have tried to provide a full and correct statement of the rules, we cannot be held liable for a refusal by ILA Wales to fund a Learner at a specific award level.

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