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The Introduction to the Internet Course normally costs £200.

Learners who qualify for an ILA Wales award will be eligible for a full discount on the cost, if they are in receipt of a benefit.

Learners who are not in receipt of an eligible benefit will need to make a payment of £100 towards the cost of the course.

How does a Learner receive an ILA Wales award ?
After speaking with us on the telephone, a Learner will need to ring LearnDirect on 0800 100 900 and ask for an ILA Wales application form.

The form will be sent to a Learner's home address and should arrive next day. Learners should complete the form and return it.

Learners will be given an ILA Wales Reference Number in the post. This number should be given to Ricide and the Learner can then start the course. Learners who are eligible for a 100% discount do not need to make any payment to Ricide.

What about Learners who are only eligible for a 50% contribution from ILA Wales ?
Learners who are not receiving benefits will need to pay Ricide £100 for the course and the remaining £100 will be paid by ILA Wales.

Learners should note that all decisions concerning ILA Wales awards are made by the Welsh Assembly Government and not by ourselves. While we have tried to provide a full and correct statement of the rules, we cannot be held liable for a refusal by ILA Wales to fund a Learner at a specific award level.


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