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Ricide adminster Training Centres which are financed by several of funding streams. These have included LSC and ESF contracts, and often in cooperation with partners including Further Education Colleges, Enterprise Agencies and the Voluntary Sector.

Training Centres are normally based in town or city centres with good public transport links. The ambiance is adult and informal in order to attacrt and reach out to learners who may be reluctant to enrol at a traditional College campus. Ricide Centres normally comprise some two or three IT laboratories together with tutorial and counselling rooms.

Ricide Training Centres are normally equipped with Intel Dual Core PCs with 2GB RAM. Our preferred operating system is XP. Training is usually based on the suite of Microsoft software, although other software is available upon request. This includes Paint Shop Pro, Serif Page Plus and Dreamweaver.

Our main client group has been adult learners. Training is available for complete beginners and assumes no prior keyboard experience. There are also intermediate and improvers' courses which assist learners to exploit the full potential of I.T. Progression opportunities exist up to Level 3.

Courses are available during both the day or evening. Learners in full time employment can study on two evenings a week.

Short courses have been delivered for busy learners, usually in the evening and on Saturdays. Spreadsheets, Databases and Web Site Design have been popular offerings.

Learning Materials
Ricide have developed our own in-house suite of Learning Materials for all the course modules offered. These provide Learners with step-by-step instruction on all items required by the curriculum. As the City & Guilds assessments include an on-line test, Ricide have developed a series of simulated on-line tests. These are available on the website, and the password is 'hermes'. Ricide Training Manuals are in a secure area of the website, but sample manuals can be viewed -
Using the Internet                             Web Site Design                             Spreadsheets

Teaching Methods
Tuition is provided by qualified and experienced Tutors who normally provide training to Learners in a group or cohort. Although 'drop-in' training arrangements are popular, we prefer a more traditional group approach to training whereby Learners work and learn together as a cohort on a range of tasks, supervised by a Tutor. In addition, it is customary for a Tutor to deliver a presentation of around 45 minutes during each training session.

A Ricide Training Centre, conveniently sited above a Tesco store

Ricide Training Centres


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