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ITQ is a National Vocational Qualification for IT users based on their competence to perform in the workplace. As such it differs from academic qualifications gained at a College or University.

ITQ is aimed at IT users and not professional IT staff such as computer programmers. The ITQ standard was developed by employers for use in the workplace and is supported by the major UK awarding bodies. All ITQs delivered by Ricide Ltd are accredited by City & Guilds.

As stated, the ITQ has been designed to provide qualifications for IT users and not specialist IT staff, based on a demonstration of competence in the workplace rather than in an academic environment.

The content of an ITQ is flexible in order to ensure that training and skills development meet the needs of both the organisation and the Learner. This means that an employer can assist each Learner to choose a selection of ITQ modules which will help him/her to improve his productivity by developing existing or new IT skills.

The range of ITQ modules is wide and covers most IT topics. Popular Office Productivity Software such as Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases, Desk Top Publishing and Presentation Graphics are included, together with the Internet / Email and Website Design. However, there is additional flexibility in that Learners can can be trained in bespoke software such as Ledgers, Payroll, Stock Control, Sales Management etc.

In order to gain an ITQ, the Learner must demonstrate competence in a range of modules selected by him/her in consultation with the employer. This is based on a number of tasks the Learner has performed. These tasks should be relevant to his/her job, and should take place naturally in the workplace.

In order to provide the required skills for Learners, Ricide have developed a series of Learning Manuals which are available to employers and Learners. they cover the main modules in an ITQ. See Ricide Manuals.

Most employers will find that Level 2 ITQ is likely to be most suitable for the majority of staff, although some staff may wish to be trained up to Level 3 or above.

All ITQ modules and skills, either at Levels 2 or 3, will dramatically improve the performance of Learners and increase their motivation and commitment to the employer.


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