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The Apprenticeship philosophy is that learning should take place in a work setting rather than at a College or other Training Centre. However, all learning has a knowledge component and finding an interesting and appropriate way of imparting relevant knowledge is a perennial challenge. Within the arena of Apprenticeships, whereby Learners do not normally attend a Training Centre for formal lessons, delivering new skills and the underlying knowledge requires forethought and imagination.

Ricide have developed Learning Materials for many of the popular ITQ Level 2 modules. These are available at no additional charge to the employer and his Learners.

The Ricide Training Manuals present the main skills and underlying knowledge required to become proficient in many aspects of IT. Learners can work through the manuals from start to finish, away from the workplace and in their own time. However, many Learners will have some existing knowledge of a unit and may focus on new aspects of the discipline.

In addition to the Training Manuals, Learners are encouraged to undertake assessed exercises and interact with their Tutor via email. This array of learning techniques will complement and underpin the formal training sessions provided by the Tutor in the workplace.

Sample Ricide Training Manuals are exhibited for the following Level 2 modules -

Apprenticeships - An Overview

What is an ITQ ?

Apprenticeships Eligibility

Take the First Step

Ricide Learning Manuals


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